Little Light was born with questions:
How do we help our children build resilience
and spiritual fortitude? How do we strengthen
their growing minds?

As we followed the divine light within us, the shape of Little Light was forged.

Little Light

A spark

For founder-director Ritu Khoda, her journey
with art education at Art1st was the first step.
It exposed her to the power of children’s
imagination and curiosity, arising from their
deep spiritual core. The natural next step was
to help children discover this inner light
within them. This became Little Light’s vision.

Little Light

Children creating forms of expression with all their senses.

Little Light

Multiple minds,
Multiple Perspectives

Little Light

The first mark-making is an exercise of self-discovery.

Little Light

A flame ignited

Now that we had a vision, we collaborated with
psychologists, educators, spiritual practitioners to
take it forward. We looked into various domains for
unique connections around the concept of ‘Self’.
Whether it was the timeless Advaita Vedānta,
Bhagwad Gita, or new-age behavioral sciences,
many ideas emerged.

From flame to fire

Our team of writers, illustrators, designers, video-
makers, voice artists brought these ideas to life.
Their own journey inspired their expressions of Self.

We collaborated with Back to Source to create a
unique methodology for coaching teachers. We
wanted a space of openness and understanding for
our educators, so they too can develop a deeper
understanding of life, and approach children
with sensitivity.

Little Light

Explore your own little light

Listen to our guided meditation below and experience the quietness within.

Shaping the fire

The shape of our programme changed, as we listened and
adapted to the needs of the children through the
pandemic. While our direct-to-children programme
continues to be developed, we commenced our school
programs online through School of Joy and
Little Light Coach Certification.

Little Light
Little Light
Little Light
Little Light
Little Light
Little Light
Little Light
Little Light

Illuminating the world

With our programs, we want to reach out to as many
children and educators out there and share our
offerings with them. We wish to help all children
connect to their inner light, so they can lead joyful
lives despite the ups and downs that come their way.

This little light, I am going to let it shine.

Little Light

Explore our Offerings

School of Joy

For schools

Designed for schools, our programme helps children uncover their unique
path towards self discovery – through exciting stories, deep discussions,
interactive projects & quiet meditations.

Little Light
Little Light

Life Coaching Certification

For adults passionate about nurturing young people

With the goal of personal mastery, our range of life coach programmes
guide adults who are involved with children on a journey of developing a
positive self-view and worldview. </

Little Light App for Children

For children

Bringing the joy of self-discovery to children in the comfort of their
homes, we are launching a brand new online learning experience:
the LittleLight App.

Little Light

Schools we work with

Little Light
Little Light
Little Light
Little Light
Little Light
Little Light

“Today, covid-19 is a big challenge. Tomorrow it could be something else. The idea of the Little Light programme is to empower kids to take anything head on.”

Sonali Gupta | Principal, The Shriram Millennium School, Faridabad

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We wish to take the Little Light offerings to as many students, educators and schools out there. If you’d like to help us bring joy to the lives of children, there are many ways to help!

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