Little Light Learning App

A self paced Little Light learning journey for children

Let your little light shine

We want every child to experience the joy of self-discovery. And we want to bring this experience to them, in their own homes, with their own comfort. And so we will be soon launching a brand new online experience: Little Light App

Little Light

A Safe & Personalized Space

Each child’s inwards journey is unique.
We are working towards creating highly personalized
spaces for children so they feel right at home.

Little Light
Little Light

Little Light for all Ages

We have curated multiple learning journeys
for children keeping in mind their rapid
growth at early stages. We want to ensure
that parents are able to choose what’s best for
their children.

Non-addictive & Screen Control

It is no news that too much screen time and addictive
online applications are bad for children. We want to
keep this in mind as we work towards offering parents
maximum control over their children’s time spent on
our app. Additionally, we are designing micro-
interactions that encourage patience, and not addiction.

Little Light

Still in development phase,
we will be launching the Little Light App soon.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, absolutely! It may take some time for children to get used to sitting peacefully in one place, but it’s not impossible. To help, our guided mediation capsules have an engaging voice, soothing music, and calming visuals. We leave it up to the parents if they wish to be present during meditation. As journaling is a private activity, we would recommend parents give their children space and time to be on their own.

    Yes, we recommend daily practices and exercises for children to experience the full impact of the Little Light program.

    How was Little Light born?

    Journey with us as we share our story of becoming, from fire to flame.

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    We wish to take the Little Light offerings to as many students, educators and schools out there. If you’d like to help us bring joy to the lives of children, there are many ways to help!

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