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The greatest gift a child can receive is the freedom to be their true self
without judgment. Our programme gives every child this cherished gift by
guiding them on a journey of self-discovery.

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Explore Our Circles of Self-discovery

Through our programme, we guide children and educators through
all four Circles of Self so they develop a positive view about
their own Self and the world they live in.

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How our programme works?

Online & Offline
Curriculum for Children

Through delightful stories, collaborative projects and daily practices, children engage with deep concepts easily.

Coaching for
School Teachers

We lend full support to educators through ongoing coaching and feedback over the academic year.

Classroom Planning
& Support

Designed by educators, our programme can be easily implemented in both offline and online formats, in schools and at homes.

Discover how we make learning fun


Every chapter opens with a beautifully
animated story based on the concept and
chapter objective to help children learn in
an audio-visually engaging manner.

Concept Discussions

These create interactive opportunities
through which children can easily and
effectively explore the concept around
which the chapter is based.


Projects offer children a fun and
experiential way of learning where they can
immerse themselves fully.

Daily Practices

When practiced regularly over a long period
of time, these daily exercises help build a
discipline of self-reflection and
introspection in children.


These guided meditations help children
find serenity, clarity and focus. Their daily
viewing can further empower children with
self-control and resilience so they can
navigate challenging times more skillfully.


Journals offer safe and non-judgmental
spaces for children to be who they are where
they can work through their thoughts
and feelings to explore their true selves. This helps build self awareness in children

Hear it from the Little Lights!

I got easily irritated over trivial issues and start getting angry but I started learning how to control my anger and calm down my mind. Meditation also helps me in calming me down.

Agam, Grade 5, TMS Amritsar

This programme is very beneficial because it included meditation which helps us to concentration. We learned stories full of moral values. It included good habits in us.

Harminder Singh, Grade 2, TMS Amritsar

I was told about my wonderful body and the senses gifted to every human being by the Almighty. I was made aware about the senses and the various sensory organs in our body.

Aryan, Grade 3, TMS Amritsar

I have a journey of personal transformation, after watching Ulta Fulta video, I learned that we should not keep any dark thoughts in the mind. I learned that also meditation manage our stress.

It is taken very lovingly and beautifully by Geetu Ma’am. She makes us do meditation which is so so relaxing. The most enjoyable part is storytelling.

Ishnoor, Grade 2, TMS Amritsar

With the LL classes, I became more attentive and started enjoying my studies. I started discussing with my parents on what i wished to do. Build up my self confidence to face every problem in my life.

Kyna, Grade 5, TMS Amritsar

LL is the food to my soul. I feel good. All the students in the sessions expressed their thoughts, shared their ideas and experiences in the class. These sessions made me realize that I’m not only the one who feels disheartened on these little things. Now I yhink of blowing these thoughts away using a simple mantra, Ulta Phulta Foo Foo.

Sukhmani, Grade 5, TMS Amritsar

The meditation session is the best session in LL. The meditation music is so comforting and relaxing. I instantly get connected to the soft voice and flow. Twice I fell asleep while meditating.

Janisha, Grade 5, TMS Amritsar


Teaching with awareness

Coaching for Teachers

We have conceptualized a 2 year integrated coaching programme for school
teachers in collaboration with Back to Source.

Building Block I

From Teaching to Coaching

Learn how to go beyond ‘teaching’ and guide
your student’s self-discovery through
fundamentals of coaching.

Little Light
Little Light
Building Block II

Understanding of ‘Self’

Deep dive into the journey of the ‘Self’
through reflection and introspection of your
own experiences.

Building Block III

Assimilation & Support

Through group sessions, combine coaching
methodologies and awareness of the ‘Self’ to
create the ideal Little Light classroom.

Little Light
Little Light
Building Block IV


Continue growing as Coaches through
constant support and guidance from
Little Light.

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Stories from the Classroom

Life Coaching benefits both clients and the coaches themselves!

Life Coaching benefits both clients and the coaches themselves!

Bindiya Hassaram - Director, Coach Development : Little Light

Positive Education: The key to increased well being in schools.

Positive Education: The key to increased well being in schools.

Puja Uchil, Program Director - Little Light

Children’s Space for Fun

Little Light Books

With Little Light books, children can engage with our curriculum
through beautifully printed books. These books are exclusively available
to schools with our School of Joy programme.

Little Light
Little Light
Little Light

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Level 1 begins with children aged 6-7, and continues till Level 3. Levels 4 & 5 will cater to children aged 10 and above.

For now, our programme can be implemented in schools only. Our direct-to-children programme is under development and we hope to launch it in 2022. You can subscribe to us to stay updated.

Our programme doesn’t offer guarantees in the way other educational programme do. Each child has a unique potential within and through our programme, they begin their own journey inwards towards that potential. Don’t get caught up with the results! Let your children explore their inner little lights and pave their own path forward.

We believe that children hold an immense capability to understand deep and complex concepts in their own unique ways. Having said that, we have collaborated with expert educators, psychologists, and authors to make the programme easy to comprehend for children.

The SoJ programme includes immersive coaching sessions with expert coaches to support educators in implementing the curriculum in classrooms and create a long-lasting impact.

Yes. Teachers can access the School of Joy curriculum on Google Classroom.

SOJ is a five year long programme. In the first 2 years, we offer intense coaching sessions at the end of which we offer the teachers’ completion & coach certification and also Little Lights are provided at cost. For the other 3 years, while we don’t offer coaching sessions, the books are available for purchase.

Yes, any subject teacher can undergo coaching and implement the School of Joy programme in their classrooms.

Online. All live sessions are held online on Zoom. Assignments & resources are shared on Google Classroom.

The sessions are conducted in English.

The School of Joy programme is available only for schools. Do sign up for our Little Light Certification programme to begin your individual coaching journey.

The LIttle Light books are available for purchase only to the schools that have taken up the School of Joy programme.

Yes. The books are a very important component of the school of Joy curriculum and are essential to allow the child to immerse in the concepts even outside the classroom. It is mandatory to purchase the books for the entire 5 year duration

Empower your children to realize
their self worth and live an authentic life.

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    “Today, covid-19 is a big challenge. Tomorrow it could be something else. The idea of the Little Light programme is to empower kids to take anything head on.”

    Sonali Gupta | Principal, The Shriram Millennium School, Faridabad

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