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Positive Education: The key to increased well being in schools.

When Shilpa Sharda joined the School of Joy programme in 2021 at The Shriram Millennium School (TSMS), Noida, little did she know the effects of the programme would bring such a shift in the way she engaged with the world. …

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Therapy or Counselling or Coaching? How do I know what’s right for my child?

It is fairly common for parents to look to a variety of professionals for supporting the holistic development of their children. Often parents look to either complement or supplement what children are already learning in school (e.g tutoring or creative …

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Is happiness what we think it is?

A lot of us measure happiness as the pleasure we derive from the fulfilment of our desires. The pleasure we derive when we buy a new car, when we finally get that promotion we had been waiting for. We create …

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